This book is a game-changer revolutionary guide trailblazing tool but don't just take our word for it....

Jonathan Weinstein, Professor, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Undergraduate Film Dept, Founder & Executive Producer Go Films Inc.

The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production is definitely the first book of its kind. Having spent my entire 28-year career in the Advertising/Commercial Production industry, there has never been a road map that guides executives from three distinctly different industries through the process of collaborating toward the mutual goal of successful content creation. And this one is spot on!

Until you find yourself in any one of the many situations described in Jillian Gibbs’s book, you simply don’t know what it’s like or what to do. And if you do know what to do, most people don’t know how to do it, and the consequences can be devastating. This book walks you through the process. It breaks down all of the things people take for granted about how the process works—things that many people involved in the content-creation process assume someone else will handle. Her book clearly spells out everyone’s role. Jillian’s clearly explained structure of “who does what, when, how and why” is long overdue. Pre-planning and role identification, at all stages of a marketer’s commitment to the content creation process, is essential. Thankfully, someone has finally laid it all out succinctly and accurately!

Steve Davies, Chief Executive, Advertising Producers Association

It is important that advertisers get value from production; it is what they are entitled to and the best encouragement to make more advertising content. Jillian uses her vast experience to help advertisers understand how to get value and the preparation and organization they need internally—as well as from the agencies and production companies they work with—to achieve that. In doing so, Jillian has created an invaluable guide to production.

Carol Hutchinson, General Manager, Global Advertising

The thoroughness and attention to detail is excellent. This book is a thorough guide for ensuring a smart and thoughtful approach to production [so that] you and your team are set up for clarity and success throughout the process.

Bill Duggan, Group EVP, Association for National Advertisers

Production is the “last mile” of creative development—and is the means to bring ideas to life. Exactly how they are brought to life is the result of the people and processes involved. This book provides a rich assortment of examples, tips, and best practices to help marketers optimize their productions, leading to the best creative possible to ideally drive the strongest business results.

Sergio Lopez, Global Head of Production, Publicis Groupe

This is the first book that captures the essence of advertising production best practices. It will be an evergreen reference to train agency producers and a much-needed way to bring together marketers, agencies, and the production community.

Adam Isadore, Award Winning Executive Producer and Production Lead previously at FCB, BBDO, and The Mill

There is no better production tool than experience, judgment, taste, and understanding. And if time, indeed, equals money, the best way to leverage financial resources is to work smarter and more efficiently. Jillian Gibbs’s The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production helps make any reader, be it a marketer, an agency partner, or a production partner better prepared and able to contribute in their role. As someone who has spent half of my career working at agencies and the other half as a production partner to some of the country’s smartest and most prolific marketers, working on everything from dozens of Super Bowl® spots to content filmed on my phone, I recommend this guide as essential reading. We make better work and create a higher return on a production investment the better educated we are. We will save more money by working smarter than we can by any other action. Simply put, reading this will help you feel more confident during the production process, no matter how many hours you’ve logged on set.

Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder & Executive Chairman, S4 Capital

With the coming of AI, creative production will be even more critical—Jillian has written the book to guide you.

Tom Duff, President, Optimus, a Media Production Company, Chicago, Illinois

This book is a perfect primer for anyone in our world. It lays out the best and most honest practices for all of us to follow. Transparency and fairness among all creative partners is paramount to delivering the best possible creative for the brands. Jillian lays it out superbly for all to follow.

Jennifer Siegel, Managing Director, Framestore Pictures

Jillian and I worked together for about ten years (1997-2007) when she was in-house Production Consultant at Coors Brewing Company and I was Head of Production for Tool of North America. While production companies often see Production Consultants as an “us against them” battle, Jillian shattered this perception by introducing a transformative, collaborative approach to redefine the narrative as “we” are in this together to find solutions. Embracing the power of creative partnership, she consistently sought to educate and invited us to hear more about what was going on with the marketers. With Jillian’s wealth of firsthand knowledge, “The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production” will help Marketers to navigate all the many steps and nuances of video production and assist production companies (and the people who work there) to better understand the Marketer’s perspective in production.